Why Should I Choose Aluminium?

Aug 21, 2023
Why Should I Choose Aluminium?

Why you should choose an aluminium pergola

There are a variety of pergolas on the market these days - and some of them are available in various types of material. When you choose to invest in a pergola, it is important to consider the conditions your pergola will stay in. This blog post will elaborate on the benefits of aluminium, and why we’ve chosen this material for our pergolas. 

Why should you choose an aluminium pergola?

There are several good reasons as to why PERGOLUX chose to craft our pergolas from aluminium. During the production process of the PERGOLUX pergola, we were completely focused on creating a maintenance-free product that could withstand the outdoors, all year round. By turning a dream into reality, we had to produce a pergola from powder coated aluminium. 

Powder coated aluminium is often used on structures that are placed outdoors. The powder coating contributes to increasing the aluminium’s (pre-existing) ability to resist corrosion and rust. Thus, your pergola can stand outside all year without a second thought! 

This has proven to be the most adequate solution within the Nordic climate, where our pergola was developed. Other materials, such as wood, will likely degenerate quicker over time. Naturally, aluminium is a better choice suitable for the possibility of inclement weather. 

Anthricite pergola close-up image of louvered roof

Is material all that matters?

Upon reading this blog post, you might think that the material of a pergola is all you should be looking at. This isn’t true, because the overall design, practicality and features of the pergola will matter too. PERGOLUX worked towards designing the best pergola for it's price range. We wanted to design a product that stands out, is high quality, and easy to assemble yourself. The result ended up being our PERGOLUX Pergola

Our product is maintenance-free which means it can stand outdoors all year round without the risk of corrosion or collecting rust. Additionally, our pergolas are easy to assemble yourself - you don’t have to be a professional handy-man to put this beauty together!