We have a 5-15 day delivery time for all our products unless we are out of stock for the product or something else is described on the product page

The pergola is delivered via 3PL logistics companies. If there is an arrival where you will have the pergola delivered, They will drive the pergola all the way to your home. You will be contacted when your product is on the way to agree a delivery time. The pergola will be delivered in packages on a pallet, of approx. 100-120 lb per package. It is important that you confirm a delivery time when you have the opportunity to be present to help unload the packages.

Assembly 🧑‍🔧

PERGOLUX Pergola comes in standard sizes 10'x10', 10'x13', 13'x13' and 13'x19'. If you want a different size than this, the pergola can also be easily adapted.

Height adjustment:

Use a suitable saw and cut the columns to the correct height. Then you have to drill 4 new holes for the column foot. When the columns have been cut, we recommend that the end where it has been cut is covered with silicone or varnish.

Adjustment of width:

If you want to adjust the width of the pergola, this can be done in the longitudinal direction. The slats are placed per 4 3/4" and you can therefore easily cut the beams between each of the slats. When the beam is cut, you must also cut a rail at the top and the gutters in the same length.

It is fine to attach extra equipment to the frame of the pergola to give it a more personal touch, but such adjustments are made at your own risk (feel free to ask us for guidance). 

For example, if you need to attach a heat lamp, this can be screwed to the beam at the top. We recommend that self-drilling aluminum screws are used to prevent the screw from corroding.

We normally calculate 3-5 hours for 2 people to mount the pergola, but this of course varies greatly from person to person. 

We normally calculate 1 hour to mount a screen or a wooden slat wall to the pergola after the pergola has been set up.

There must be a solid surface under the pergola so that the pergola can be screwed to the surface. A solid surface can be a patio made of wood or concrete.

Absolutely not! 

We have prepared a good installation guide so that you can easily assemble it yourself. We strongly recommend to have 2 people to mount the pergola. If you do not want / are not able to assemble the pergola yourself, we recommend that you contact a craftsman near you.



By using PERGOLUX Screens you can close them to mitigate the wind. You can also install PERGOLUX wooden slat wall to reduce wind. Due to spaces between the slats, this is not windproof but will reduce the amount of wind considerably.

The roof is designed for 10-12 lb/sqft. and can therefore withstand a lot of snow. If it snows more than this, the slats should be opened so that the snow falls through.

The pergola has been tested in strong winds, but we always recommend leaving the slats open when the pergola is not in use so that the pergola does not become a large wind trap and thus damaged by the wind.

The slats on the roof are overlapping and are made so that the water flows down into a rain gutter on the beams of the pergola that leads the columns so that the water runs outside of the pergola.


A PERGOLUX pergola is basically a maintenance-free product. We still recommend lubricating all moving parts twice a year in early spring and before the winter.

The pergola's building material is powder-coated aluminum. This means that the product can withstand being outside in the winter. It will not be damaged by normal cold and heat.