PERGOLUX Glass Wall S2

PERGOLUX Glass Wall S2
PERGOLUX Glass Wall S2
PERGOLUX Glass Wall S2
PERGOLUX Glass Wall S2
Pergolux Glasswalls, rahmenloses Schiebeglas
color_anthracite| size_13 | layout_sliding-glass-with-frame
PERGOLUX Glass Wall S2
PERGOLUX Glass Wall S2
PERGOLUX Glass Wall S2
color_anthracite| size_13 | layout_fixed-glass
PERGOLUX Glass Wall S2
color_white | size_10 | layout_fixed-glass
color_white| size_10 | layout_sliding-glass-without-frame
color_white | size_13 | layout_fixed-glass
color_white| size_13 | layout_sliding-glass-without-frame
color_anthracite | size_13 | layout_fixed-glass
color_anthracite | size_10| layout_fixed-glass
color_anthracite| size_10 | layout_sliding-glass-with-frame
color_white| size_13 | layout_sliding-glass-with-frame
color_white| size_10 | layout_sliding-glass-with-frame
color_anthracite| size_10 | layout_sliding-glass-without-frame
color_anthracite| size_13 | layout_sliding-glass-without-frame
color_anthracite | size_10 | layout_Sliding-glass-without-frame-for-the-crank-side-of-pergola
color_anthracite | size_13 | layout_Sliding-glass-without-frame-for-the-crank-side-of-pergola
color_white | size_13 | layout_Sliding-glass-without-frame-for-the-crank-side-of-pergola
color_white | size_10 | layout_Sliding-glass-without-frame-for-the-crank-side-of-pergola

PERGOLUX Glass Wall S2

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Glass is considered elegant, timeless and modern, therefore it is not surprising that Pergolas with glass walls have become very popular. PERGOLUX models with Glass Walls have many other advantages and are not just aesthetically pleasing. What makes them so special?

We at PERGOLUX are your professionals when it comes to Pergolas. Find out everything about why a Pergola with Glass Walls is suitable and what you should consider when buying. This is how you can really enhance your outdoor area!


  • S2 Glass walls are only compatible with S2 models.
  • Glass walls increase the surface area affected by the wind. If you choose sliding glass walls on one side, we recommend fixed glass on the other side or installing a wooden slat wall to increase wind stability. 
  • Choose between fixed or sliding glass elements
  • The sliding glass panels can be ordered with or without a frame
  • Highest quality tempered safety glass: 10mm for without frame/ 8mm with frame
  • The rails are equipped with drainage holes to prevent water from settling in the grooves
  • Intelligent sliding system with brushes for better protection against wind
  • Part of the PERGOLUX ecosystem
  • Note: For best results, install on a completely flat surface. 

Buying tips: What you should consider when buying a Glass Wall for your Pergola

Not all Glass Walls for Pergolas are created equal. There are differences between the different Glass types. Some are fixed and others have sliding glass elements. The choice is yours.

When choosing a Pergola with Glass Walls, make sure it is equipped with rails with drainage holes. This prevents water from settling in the grooves, which could cause damage in the long run. At PERGOLUX, such precautions are taken to meet the highest quality standards.

Sliding Glass Doors with brushes are also advantageous. This way, you are even better protected from the wind inside the pergola. The weather cannot harm you in your pergola with glass walls from PERGOLUX!

Also note, PERGOLUX exclusively uses tempered glass, which, thanks to its high load-bearing capacity, is ideal for use as a Pergola with Glass Walls.

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