PERGOLUX Product Warranty

While we strive for fairness and customer satisfaction, if you find that your claim falls outside the scope of our written warranty, we encourage you to contact us regardless; we're committed to assisting you and finding mutually beneficial solutions.

Layered Warranty Details

Your Pergola comes with different levels of warranty coverage to ensure long-term satisfaction:

  • 10-Year Coverage: Applies to the primary structure of the Pergola (such as columns, base plate, beams)
  • 5-Year Coverage: Reserved for mobile elements like opening and closing mechanisms. (such as screws, Louvers, Hand crank and mechanism)
  • 2-Year Coverage: Pertains to accessories and electrical components.

Activation and Eligibility

To validate your warranty, please register the product within 30 days of its receipt. Registration can be done via email to, and must include a copy of the purchase receipt/proof of purchase.

Warranty Scope

This warranty is exclusively for the original buyer and is non-transferable. It covers only the amount you paid for the product and is valid only in the USA and Canada. PERGOLUX LLC reserves the right to either provide a financial reimbursement capped at the original purchase price or supply a replacement product or component parts, which the customer will be responsible for installing.

Exclusions and Limitations

This tiered warranty will NOT cover:

  1. Environmental or Act-of-God damage: i.e., sun fading, salt, extreme weather, natural disasters, or vandalism.
  2. Customer-induced damage: i.e., misuse, modifications, or any non-compliant load on the Pergola structure.
  3. Installation errors: i.e., not following the provided installation guide correctly.
  4. Mismanagement by third parties: i.e., incorrect storage, maintenance, or installation.
  5. Surface or foundational issues: i.e., damage from unstable surfaces like shifting concrete slabs.
  6. Late installations: i.e., structure installed more than one year after the purchase date.
  7. Motors, lighting, and electrical components (covered separately for 2 years).
  8. Poor assembly due to ignoring installation guidelines.
  9. Structural damage caused by the location where the product is installed.
  10. Additional costs such as disassembly, storage, and shipping.

Accessories and Add-ons

Electrical accessories like motors, lights, and heaters are warranted for a 2-year period if bought alongside a Pergola product.

Additional Terms

Warranty benefits may be put on hold if any financial obligations toward PERGOLUX LLC remains unfulfilled.

Filing a Claim

For warranty claims, send an email to within 30 days of identifying the defect. Include all essential details and proofs like invoices and photographs for evaluation. Upon approval, the company reserves the right to send replacement parts or refund the item within 30 days.


This written warranty supersedes any previous warranties and agreements. The company won't be liable for any other replacements or operational losses. This warranty is regulated by the law of the Delaware.