Pergola with 13'x19' feet for your exclusive garden

Sep 27, 2023
Pergola with 13'x19' feet for your exclusive garden

Those who have a garden know how valuable special moments with friends and family can be outdoors. These moments can be made even more beautiful with the right garden equipment. With a pergola measuring 13'x19' feet, you not only have ample space but also enjoy many other benefits. But what makes a pergola so attractive and what are its advantages? As your expert for pergolas and pavilions, we at PERGOLUX have the answer for you! Learn everything about pergolas measuring 13'x19' feet.

Pergola with 13'x19' feet size - great possibilities!

Many pergolas measure only 10'x10' feet or less. However, for those with more space in their garden and a desire for a larger pergola, there are also plenty of options. With a size of 13'x19' feet, a pergola offers a great space that opens up a variety of possibilities. The following advantages speak, among others, for such large models:

  • Ample space for friends and family
  • Large outdoor area for good and bad weather
  • Eye-catching feature in the garden

Pergolas are particularly characterized by the maximum flexibility they offer. When it's sunny, a pergola measuring 13'x19' feet serves as sun protection. If you want privacy but still want to enjoy the outdoors, it serves as a privacy screen. And when it's stormy and raining, you can still spend time outdoors, as a pergola is an ideal shelter.

What to consider when buying a pergola with 13'x19' feet size

A pergola with a size of 13'x19' feet is considered one of the larger models. Therefore, before making a purchase, you should ensure that the pergola will actually fit in your garden. A small garden can easily feel cramped with a pergola measuring 13'x19' feet, and it may appear visually smaller. On the other hand, in a large garden (>200m2), a large pergola is an ideal choice. If you are not sure which size is best suited for your outdoor area, you can also simply contact PERGOLUX. We are happy to help you make the ideal choice.

If you want to plan your outdoor space and buy a pergola, you can also determine the appropriate size based on your furniture. It's best to make a scale drawing of your desired garden furniture. This way, you can see if everything fits comfortably in the pergola measuring 13'x19' feet and how much space you have left. After all, you want to be able to move chairs around and not be cramped under your pergola!

Also, always pay attention to the quality when making a purchase. High quality ensures that you will enjoy your pergola for a long time. On the other hand, inferior products have a short lifespan and are therefore less recommended. After all, you don't want to deal with defects and damages in the early stages of use! At PERGOLUX, we pay special attention to the high quality of our products, meeting even the highest standards!

Buying a pergola with 13'x19' feet: What options are there?

Not all pergolas are the same. On the contrary: there are many features that vary greatly between different models. This includes not only the size but the technical elements. If you decide on a pergola with a size of 13'x19' feet, you should also value important equipment features. At PERGOLUX, you can choose from different models that offer different advantages.

Furthermore, you can customize your 13'x19' feet pergola with various accessories. Is privacy in your outdoor area a major concern for you? Then simply rely on appropriate privacy screens! Do you want to protect yourself even better from wind and weather so that you can sit outside even in bad weather conditions? There are also suitable accessories for your pergola. However, always make sure that the accessories you purchase are compatible with your 13'x19' feet pergola. At PERGOLUX, you will find the right additions for maximum comfort in your outdoor area.

Buy a 13'x19' feet Pergola at PERGOLUX

Do you have a large garden where a pergola with dimensions of 13'x19' feet would fit well? Are you looking for a cover for spending time outdoors? Then we at PERGOLUX are here to help: we are happy to assist you in finding the pergola that meets your individual needs. It's what we love!

If you have any questions about pergolas or if you would like an in-depth consultation on a 13'x19' feet pergola, simply contact us. We are happy to connect with you via phone, chat, or video call. We look forward to hearing from you!