PERGOLUX Sundream S1

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color_anthracite | size_10x13
color_white | size_10x13
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color_anthracite | size_10x10
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PERGOLUX Sundream S1

PERGOLUX Sundream S1

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PERGOLUX Sundream S1 offers excellent value for your money to make your backyard or patio dream come true. With an electric roof, integrated Warm White LED lights and double slats, you get a premium Pergola at a great price. PERGOLUX Sundream S1 is developed and designed for Norway weather conditions and can handle American weather conditions all year long.

PERGOLUX Sundream S1 will help you create a perfect area for relaxation and cosy times together with friends and family. Enjoy a sunny summer day, a cozy fall evening or escape outside even during a heavy rainstorm.

We are also proud of a solid collaboration with uteDESIGN during the development phase. With over 10 years' experience with pergolas in Norway, they have helped develop solutions that are adapted to the withstand harsh climate.

If you want to upgrade your pergola, we also have a selection of tailor-made accessories. Upgrade your pergola with, among other things, screened glass walls or heat lamps. You can also decorate it with your own creative elements. Make your dream patio a reality!

Key features:

  • Easy to assemble  (Normally 4-6 hours for 2 people).
  • Maintenance-Free construction in powder-coated aluminium.
  • PERGOLUX Bespoke accessories: Upgrade your pergola at any time with lots of customized accessories.
  • Reinforced roof designed for a snow load of as much as 80kg/sqm.

  • Perfect all year round whether it's sun, snow or rain.

  • Excellent drainage with gutters on all 4 sides and downspouts in the posts.

PERGOLUX Tailor-Made Accessories:


Standard Assembly Within 4-6 hrs! 

When developing the PERGOLUX models, the focus was on extremely simple assembly of these DIY kits which our customers can install themselves. 

The PERGOLUX mounting system is thoughtfully developed and includes innovative "click & fit" solutions that makes the models and accessories very easy to install. 

No mounting / installation experience is necessary to assemble a PERGOLUX product. 

The PERGOLUX Web App helps you every step of the way, including simple photos and a video-guide. 

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Shipping is free for each pergola purchase. A delivery team will schedule an appointment and then unload your PERGOLUX boxes directly to your front door within 5-15 days after shipping. No forklift required. 

The wind and snow load information pertains to the assembly and fastening on point foundations measuring 30" x 30" x 30" per column, using anchor bolts that are at least 5 1/2 in long.
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Award winning designs.
Over 15,000 satisfied customers!
Designed in Norway for Norwegian weather conditions.
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Customizable with specially fitted glass walls.
Cheapest pergola and lowest quality on the market.
Assembly app with a video for each step!
PERGOLUX 100-Day Risk-Free Trial
Experience the beauty and convenience of our pergolas firsthand with our Risk-Free 100-Day Trial. Try it, live with it, and if it's not for you, simply return it - no questions asked!

Terms and Conditions

1. Install the product

To effectively make use of the PERGOLUX 100-Day Risk-Free trial, the customer is required to fully install and mount the pergola.

2. Trial Period

Our trial period lasts for 100 days. The trial period starts 10 days after the pergola has been dispatched from our warehouse.

3. Shipping costs

Please note, the customer will be responsible for any return shipping costs if they choose not to keep the pergola after the trial period.

4. No Questions Asked!

If you decide within the trial period that our pergola isn't the right fit for you, you're free to return it. Providing an explanation for your return is not required. We respect your decision, no matter what it may be.