The Pinnacle of Pergola Luxury 

PERGOLUX Skydance embodies luxury with integrated LED lighting and adjustable slats. Built on 10 years of Norwegian expertise, it offers robust construction and comfort. Easily control slats and dim LED lights for your ideal outdoor ambiance. Let PERGOLUX Skydance elevate your outdoor experience from dawn to dusk.

Save 24% (Up To $1500)

15.000+ Satisfied customers worldwide.

Experience the Charm of a Pergola

A cozy outdoor haven for cherished gatherings with loved ones. From intimate dinners to lively barbecues and celebratory birthday parties, it's the perfect setting for creating enduring memories. Embrace the joy of togetherness in your own outdoor retreat.

Save 24% (Up To $1500)

15.000+ Satisfied customers worldwide.

More than 15,000 Satisfied customers worldwide!

With over 15,000 satisfied customers across over 12 countries, our world-leading brand is the trusted choice for DIY pergolas.

  • Great Product Great Customer Service

    This Product was delivered within 1 week of ordering, when I called Customer service I got a live person in the US in less than a minute, The customer service was amazing. The Skydance is a new product so it has a couple issues with operation but the communication has been great and timely with good follow through on their side. The pergola is amazing in teh backyard, we installed in a day, and it really changes our yard. The Heaters (we got 4 of them) warm the room really nice

    Katja Jahn


  • Stunning

    Very successful in the finished state
    The instructions are very complex. The videos too short. For example, the installation of the engine is only insufficiently explained with small pictures that do not reveal all the details even with a magnifying glass. The commissioning was also difficult, since the remote control also has no reasonable operating instructions



  • Pound for Pound - The Best - Not Even Close!!!

    I spent literally months shopping for a pergola. It was going to be a huge part of our overall backyard design that included a pool and kitchen. I researched wood types, steel types, alloy types. I needed something modern but not over the top and sturdy. I am in the Dallas area and we sometimes deal with hail storms. I needed to be able to have quick access to louvers to prevent damage. After months of detailed searching, I chose Pergolux Skydance. ---- couldn't be happier with my choice! You will not be disappointed!



  • Well made pergola!

    Perfect pergola! We love its modern look!! Very well made and very sturdy. Assembly was straight forward and because of the good craftsmanship all the pieces fit together very nicely (no frustrations typical with assembly of cheap furniture). Great product!

    Megan Gleeson


  • Would recommend

    So cool! I have been wanting something with a good solid removal roof for a long time! Have been searching but all options seem to be way to expensive or cheaply made. PERGOLUX had most of my questions answered by info on website. One quick chat with Kurt and call with a Gal(can’t remember her name) and the unit is on its way. 🎉



Save 24% (Up To $1500)

15.000+ Satisfied customers worldwide.

Designed in Norway

10 Year Warranty!

Free door to door shipping

100-Day Risk-Free Trial!

The Art of Outdoor Living 

Our approach revolves around the mantra of trying, failing, learning, repeating, and ultimately succeeding.

Through relentless dedication to product innovation and numerous assembly tests, we have not only achieved a visually appealing pergola but also one that is intuitive to assemble.

Clear guidance accompanies every step, ensuring a straightforward process for our customers. In the face of any challenges, our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering – feel free to reach out at any point.

Your success in assembling our pergola is not just a goal; it's our shared achievement. We're not merely providing a product; we're offering an experience, making the assembly a simple and enjoyable part of your journey to enhance your outdoor space.

Save 24% (Up To $1500)

15.000+ Satisfied customers worldwide.

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Delivery time

From only $5,300

365 days/year, 8AM-11PM

3+ Awards in 2023

5 Years

100% Maintenance-free

5-15 Days

Custom made pergolas


E-mail 9AM-5PM

No awards

1-3 Years

2-4 Times/year

3-6 Months

Cheap metal or wooden pergolas


E-mail 9AM-5PM

Designed in China

1-2 Years

4 Times/year

4-12 weeks

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Save 24% (Up To $1500)

15.000+ Satisfied customers worldwide.

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